Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Red Carpet

The Oscars got me to contemplating moments in the spotlight. The feeling of being admired and appreciated for the hard work that we do or the pleasure we bring to others. It is a wonderful feeling to know that others recognize you for your talents, skills or kindness.

But we must also appreciate ourselves for what we do for us. We must take time to care and nurture ourselves each day in order to maintain the energetic vibration, physical stamina and health it takes to give to others.

If we neglect ourselves, we fall short of all that we can share with the world. So take time to walk your red carpet and smile and feel appreciated and loved by you. You are the star of your life movie, so take all the credit for a role well played.

And the Oscar goes to... YOU! (applause)


miss mee said...

LOL! i like that "walk your red carpet!" i am gonna try my best to make everyday a deborah green oscar day!

Kat Smith said...

Work it!!! You deserve it.