Monday, January 23, 2012

Outer Reaches of Desire

Who understands how to give you pleasure and does so with expertise? Let us define pleasure. The definition is stated as such; the state or feeling of being pleased, enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one's liking; gratification; delight, sensual gratification.
Pleasure was understood to be a negative sensation by 19th Century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, as it negates the usual existential condition, that of suffering. It is commonly conceptualized as somehow opposed to pain, though it has received much less scientific attention. Pleasure can be brought about in different ways, depending on how every individual senses the feeling of pleasure. However sensations are interpreted individually, so one’s pain is another’s pleasure.
Some experience this phenomenon through music, sexuality, accomplishment, recognition, service, and any other imaginable activity; even pain. It also refers to "enjoyment" related to certain physical, sensual, emotional or mental experience over pain.
  Something pleasing can begin mentally then climaxed into the physical, but how can someone bring you to this euphoria? Somewhat like landing on another planet, men sometimes thrust into our pleasure galaxies with the hope of landing on a spot that will send us into orgasm orbit. However, as with the galactic explorer, we have to take on the role of Nasa’s “Houston”; the guiding force that successfully directs the conquest and lands us into pleasure.
Exploration of the outer reaches of the universe seems to have been as intriguing to men as the female body. Their study of us astonish and draw them in deeper.  But the moon is an intelligence of its own. How can you entice her to share her resources and to allow strangers to explore every crevice of her body?  You can begin by entering her universe slowly, calming her fears of being overpowered and forced upon. Touchdown softly, caressing her mental senses as she embraces the idea of you entering her personal space. Make contact in her sensitive regions to stimulate a cosmic eruption.
Gently explore her being as you share your findings in soft whispers. It may take a few trips to this sacred place before you discover what you perceive as life giving fluids but, as the nurturing guiding light of the night that she is, she will allow you to drink. Ah, yes. She is Aphrodite. The Goddess of love, lust, and beauty. Her light is the force that draws you in and keeps you wanting more.
Like the moon, a woman is giving. Her body is designed receive and in that receiving, she gives. She opens wide to the depths of her being. Welcoming you to receive all the wanting that you desire. In all your receiving, you only have to learn to give.