Sunday, January 22, 2012

About Women (Insight and Humor)

All good-looking women are not "gold diggers"
Nor are all women "easy."
Most women just want to be loved for who they are, just like most men.  They sometimes feel inferior to all the hype about the model figure and face.  So tell her she's beautiful and mean it. 
If you are going to be honest with her, be gentle. Find an honest but sincere way to tell her that she may need to stay away from the cheese doodles. Or that you hate her new hair- whatever.  Explain that you know how important her looks are to her and you want to support her because you love her.
Women do not want men to remind them of a) Their biological clocks, b) That it may be that time of the month, c) Their age or weight.
Women dress and fuss over their looks for: a) Themselves b) Men c) Other women.
Women love to hear men tell them that they are beautiful, no matter the condition she is in (ex: pregnant or sick).   She wants to hear that you love her.  Saying these things mean much more than gifts and flowers for the most part.  Do not stop the gifts and flowers, just say it often enough that she feels you mean it. 
Remember:  Action speaks louder than words, but we can replay the words over and over in our minds and feel the warmth in our hearts.
Most women go to clubs to be seen, not necessarily to be picked up.

Most Women will never understand:

The button or remote control thing.
The sex/conqueror thing.
The breast thing.
Why he has to ask if she reached a climax.
The asking directions thing.
Most men.