Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Driving Sex (Humor)

A little fun. Here are some driving personalities as I think they relate to sexual performances. They may not relate to everyone, but humor me and get a chuckle. Caution, do not read and drive. May cause uncontrollable laughter. 

Jack Rabbit Starter - Takes off and leaves you in the dust.

Jump Starter - Nice enough to get you started, then you’re on your own.

Slow Poker - Never gets over heated.

Cruise Control Operator - Rides with control with full concentration on the other driver.

Lane Changer - Before anything gets finished He’s already thinking about his next partner
Before she gets into her grove, he changes his stroke leaving you frustrated.

Speed Demon Or Fly & Stop - Premature Ejaculator

Performance Driving Enthusiast - Intense driving pleasure. He knows his instrument, he’s sure and careful, yet powerful and passionate.

Brake Pumper -Taps around at it but never gets up to speed.

Tail Gater - Thinks he can do it better – Control Freak

Road Rage Freak - If he doesn’t get his, it’s your fault.

Low Rider - Likes taking the low Road.


Scott Jung said...

Funny Kat.

Which one are you? Or Are you being sexist by saying that only men drive? This is the year 2012, women are driving now.... :)


Kat Smith said...

Hi Scott, I have been gone too long ;-) Anyway, I think I am low rider lol