Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mirror Mirror

We are most times flattered by seeing ourselves in pictures and videos. We pose and smile or give that sultry pout. But when we look in the mirror and there is no camera, what do we see?
Who is the person that you reflect? How do you feel about your body? Your looks? What is the true reflection from a soul level?
We can hide and disguise the real person but we know whenever we look at ourselves through our own eyes, we will see all our faults, failures, disappointments, frailties, fears and other undesirable traits. We tend to see the negative because this is mostly what we focus upon.

Let’s look again. Let’s begin with the old fairy tale mantra; Mirror mirror on the wall... (fill in your question) Who is this beautiful woman I see? or healthy woman, successful woman, Loving mother, Caring soul, nurturing teacher. Whatever you that you are or aspire to be.
Wayne Dyer, says “If we change the things we look at, the things we look at change. So let us begin to make the change so that we see through the eyes of our dreams and desires. See your success, love and abundance.