Thursday, December 22, 2011


American Way Magazine once asked for submission for a writing contest. The context was to writer a story about what you would like to do someday. I submitted the following for consideration.

I remember many times when my brother and I would sit on the porch and talk about our somedays. Now we are older, much older. Dreams and goals have changed and the glow of our somedays have dimmed in the dusk of living. He’s now married with four great kids. 
My life has changed as well. I have a great home and two cats; who are much like having children when consider their personalities. However, with one of them in my lap I often think of my someday.
Someday, I will follow my bliss and travel to the places that inspire me with spiritual essence and beautiful nature. Places of peace and happiness are hard to find in our world of economic and natural disasters.
I will write that best selling novel and travel the world speaking to others about how to seize their someday. I will walk the streets of villages and experience life with those who are actually living their somedays and willing to share them with strangers like myself. I will toast to their happiness and abundance; be it in love or riches. 
My someday will greet me with a smile and I will embrace each moment, for today is a someday to enjoy what life has to offer. Each is but a gift to be opened and treasured.
One day, I will tell you of those travels and the lives shared on somedays.
Today, my someday is now. For I have penned my novel and share inspiration with other like you. So make your someday today. Seize this day and wait no longer to live.