Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE - New Year Enchantment

A new year and new possibilities! What do you wish for these 365 days ahead? 
The enchanting desires of success, love, abundance or health? We are free to open our minds to
amazing things, people and places. 

I usually celebrate my new year on my birthday. This is when I set new goals for my life. I assess what I have accomplished in the past year and how I can make changes to increase my odds of success 
in this new year.

I encourage you to not only resolve to make changes, but dream and plan the manifestation of your hearts desires. See, feel, taste and smell the experiences you wish to come into your life. Relish in the love you seek, the abundance you crave and the joy you will feel when it is real, because it is. You only have to believe in the enchantment of your power.