Friday, November 11, 2011

What’s Running in the Background of Your Emotional Computer?

I remember a time when a friend was rude to me after asking me to sing. I love to sing and yet I was a bit shy to sing for him. In mid song, he says “You can’t project worth shit!” After that I refused to sing in front of others for years. That recording kept playing over and over in my head. Like a computer with programs running in the background that can slow down its processing speed, we have stuff from our past that run and slow us down from achieving our goals in life.

Now that I understand that old, painful comments, put downs and insults from others can rob us of our happiness if we let them. Each time you attempt to do something you love or enjoy, you will hear the voice of our saboteur reciting that old comment. You have the power to silence that voice, by realizing that its usually their stuff that they are dealing with. Allowing them to still push buttons with you is defeating. Take back your power and silence it forever.

My love for music and song is still strong and I belt out lyrics whenever I desire. I project my love for singing over the voice of my friend and ride the songs notes to a happier place.