Friday, November 18, 2011

Is Drama Your Drug of Choice?

I have deducted that there are some people who are addicted to drama. Their lives revolve around one issue or another. A fight here, and an argument there. They can’t get along at work or at home. Some can’t even get along at church. Constantly in an uproar about something or someone.
Just as we can be addicted to drugs, sex, and shopping, we have a tendency to get drawn in by drama. Be it ours or someone else’s. Gossiping, reality show garbage and even our choice in music can add to the need for drama. When life is not going well and someone is suffering from an issue, there are some who can find comfort in their sadness or misery. That feeling stems from all the negativity that we hold inside. If we let go of our own bucket of despair, then we can begin to fill it with better feeling emotions, like love, laughter, joy and peace.

So what is your choice of drug? Drama or Delight?