Friday, November 25, 2011

Breaking up or Breaking Free

I contemplated the story a friend shared about breaking up with her man. Maybe there was conflict or disagreements. Maybe there was a lack of trust or nothing in common. Whatever the reason for the separation, the term caused me to think was it really breaking up, or was she breaking free? Free to examine herself and look back at the relationship for clues to its downfall. Free to have a do over in the relationship arena. Free to go out and meet new and interesting people. Free to explore the world around us.

Breaking up or breaking free is all in our perception. People are in our lives for a reason and a season. The old saying is so true. So allow yourself to let go and embrace the freedom to love as passionately in a new relationship as you once did in the past. Love only dies when we kill it in ourselves. We are conceived from love and the foundation of our world is based on love in one form or another. So allow your love to expand and change as you, your choice in lovers, and as life revolves around us.