Friday, December 2, 2011

Treasuring Self

I like to think of myself as very cat like. But like my furry friends, I don’t necessarily want to let my whiskers get out of control. So what does this have to do with love and relationships? Well, I think that as the saying goes Cleanliness is next to Godliness, I think self care is a way to express love for ourselves.

Allowing yourself to go to the dogs is not attractive. Each time you look into the mirror and rationalize for not getting “cute” to run errand or take the kids to school you disregard the need to care for yourself. It takes away from how you feel about you and those who love you.

What? Does having a kid remove your libido? Is being a mom mean you are not allowed to feel desirable? No! Remember a time when you first met your husband or lover? You took the time to look sexy and attractive to him. You wanted to be the object of his desire. So you think neglecting yourself and giving all you have to others is honorable or considered being a good “(insert label of choice, i.e. Mom, wife, etc.)”? No, it does not. It only makes you feel sad about the woman you are pushing aside. She’s there waiting for her time to shine, so allow her to come out and live. She’s the woman that you are and have always been. She deserves to BE. You deserve to love who you are. All of you.