Friday, February 17, 2012

The Price of Love

Relationships are difficult. many times the conflict is due to communication or money. Does your love come with a price tag? Are you loving from the heart or the wallet?

In my mother's time, women sought out a man more for his ability to provide for her because a woman's place was in the home. Today we are self sufficient and independent, for the most part, but are we still placing a price tag on our love? Do we talk ourselves into miserable relationships that are filled with a lack of trust or that fulfill the vows we promise to uphold?

Are you with him because of his wallet or uhhh, his heart? Or do you love the size of her heart or a physical characteristic, because it goes both ways. If you love someone, you provide nurturing and care. You support their dreams and goals and build a life together, not apart in separate bank accounts. Not saying that is wrong, because money mismanagement will tear apart many love affairs.

We must be honest with ourselves and know who we are, what we have to offer and what we need from another to balance out a relationship from all aspects; physical, financial, spiritual, educational, social and occupational.

So is there a price for your love? Don't sell yourself short into misery and resentment.