Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing Hard to Love

The game of love is hard to play. When you try to steer your heart in a direction away from where it wants to go you create the opposite feeling of Euphoria.  
Love is the most desired feeling in the world. When we are in love we release all sorts of chemical that make us feel wonderful. We see life and everyone in it through a different set of eyes. Yet, when we try to manipulate those feelings by playing games, we disturb the balance and feel pain or uncertainty and distrust.

When we play hard to love, the object of our affection may feel uncertain that we are honest and trustworthy. Following the rules of love and humanity will always over ride the rules we establish in our dating games. Dismiss the get them before they get me attitude and open up to be loved. Don’t disable your love and become unlovable. People who are lovable are able to love.


kandie said...

Hey lady, I see you putting down the knowledge. Best wishes to you and congrats on your success!
@kankan929 on twitter.

Kat Smith said...

Hi Kandi will connect on twitter a well. thanks ;-)and same to you.