Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love the Vicious Cycle (poem)

Love the Vicious Cycle

The Beginning at 0 Degrees

Our eyes spoke of love before a word was uttered
Racing time as we mumbled and stuttered
Reaching and searching for expression untainted
With a heart clear and firmly planted

Touches spark flames from the depth of our souls
As we intertwined our bodies and minds to behold
A love that was ours both cherished and inspired
As young love childish spirit frees our desires

180 Degree Turn

The rush of love’s fury lulled and awakened a wound
That its blinding light and heat could not consume
The injury bled into the flames yet slow to detain
Eyes sparked with my love release tears like rain

Each twist of mistrust dissolves more energy
I thirst for a remedy to quench this lost synergy
I hesitate to say as you carefully speak concern
The smiles and laughter turn to quiet discern

360 Degrees Complete

A young love in whirlwind completes a cycle test
Trust is earned lest we dwell in dungeon’s past
Wounding the delicate wonder that most seek
Smolders the flame and dims the light of love’s peak

I question actions that dampened this spirit
I look in your eye and I see pain replaced me in it
Loving you is not enough to curb your fears
I give you all of me and cry my tears

I cry for love that like a whirlwind swept us away
For a moment we were carefree and in love to stay
We forgot our fears and past disappointments
Rested our love in GOD and his testaments

And still it turns, the vicious circle
In love, hurt, denial, critical
One revolution together, apart
Proves love is not mind, but heart

It’s the beating that forms a rhythm
The acceptance in the face of criticism
It’s the breathing that spawns life for the other
It’s what death cannot end and living cannot conquer

0 Degrees

A loving glance embrace the kisses at bay
Smiles invite the laughter that pray for today
Caress the fears and remove the sting of pain
The cycle continues for love comes again

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