Saturday, February 11, 2012

20 Tips for more Romance on Valentine's Day

Want more romance in your Valentine's Day? Here are 20 tips to RomantiSize your V-Day.
  1. Decorate you love nest by lighting two pink candles in a safe place in the bath or bedroom.  Candlelight flicker is romantic and sets the mood.
  2. Hang a heart chime above your bed and make music through movement.
  3. Share a bath scented with chocolate and peppermint
  4. Set the mood with music; soft love ballads or instrumentals.
  5. Snuggle up to a cozy fire with a beverage and the card game INTIMATE4PLAY
  6. Go lingerie shopping together.
  7. Add an INTIMATIFICATES love coupon to his stocking, laptop bag, backpack or coat pocket with promises of a decadent evening.
  8. Role play - Outfit yourselves and use your imagination.
  9. Leave sweets for your honey for his/her arrival home.
  10. Wrap yourself in a bow and present your gift.
  11. Send each other holiday greeting cards.
  12. Plan a treasure hunt that lead him/her straight to you.
  13. Drop off the kids and go away to a romantic retreat.
  14. Cook a romantic dinner together.
  15. Bake cookies and decorate sweetie with the icing.
  16. Buy cozy PJs, have breakfast in bed and snuggle til noon watching TV.
  17. Watch the old animated cartoons to share some laughter.
  18. Read a hot bedtime story to your sweetie.
  19. Go to dinner at a restaurant with a view over the lake, ocean, skyline or mountains
  20. Rent some romantic movies and reenact some of the love scenes.