Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Blocked?

The annual love celebration has passed. Now what? Do you analyze the degree of love and adoration we received by a rose or chocolate count? No. If we feel that the show of love was lacking, we look within to see if there are things that we are doing to BLOCK love from getting anywhere close to our hearts.

Yes, we can ward off love by our beliefs and actions. If you truly believe that men/women are bad in one way or another, then those are exactly the types of personalities you will draw to yourself. As well as, if you believe that you are not lovable for one reason or other, then no one will want to love you either.

What we think we radiate to others. If you think you are undesirable, then others will pick that up and avoid your unpleasant energy like the plague. If you can't love and appreciate yourself, then who will? You know you better than anyone, so what is the motivation to love you if you can't love you?

When we love, we radiate the love ABILITY that we possess. Are you love disabled? Are you blocking others from reaching your heart with the love they have to give? Change your thoughts about yourself and change your  ability to love and be loved. Don't handicap yourself with ill thoughts or beliefs of you or if you are lovable or not. When you love YOU, it will radiate in your smile and your actions and it will become contagious.

Love, and love will find you.