Sunday, February 19, 2012

About Men (Insight and Humor)

Men are sometimes afraid of their "dream girl."  Well, maybe not afraid, but most are intimidated by her.
All men are not "dogs" or "pigs."  Yes, there are some with canine or swine like characteristics, but for the most part there are a number of great men out there looking to meet a great woman but just do not know where.
Single people sometimes dodge weddings.  They have a tendency to cause them to analyze their lives.  They do not like to dwell on emotional issues, or be reminded that they are not "in love", childless, or unhappy if they are.
Men show their affection with gifts and gestures that they can relate to.  Cleaning your car means "I love or am fond of you," and buying you a kitchen appliance means, "I want to help make things easy on you".  
Most men know when a woman is trying to "hook" them with sex.  They will play your game as long as you let them get what they want.

Men do think about more than sex and themselves.  They think about money, sports, work, cars and gadgets. 
Most men dance because most women love to dance.

Most Men will never understand:
Shop - o - gasms.  Shopping attacks that women experience.
1(800) girl-friend.  The need to call your girlfriend as soon as something happens.
The ability to take off a bra without undressing.
That birth control is not only a woman's responsibility.
The logic in asking directions when lost. 
Most women.


miss mee said...

HA! so true - on all fronts! men are cute and funny! bless their hearts! HA!

Kat Smith said...

Yes, and they can laugh along with us about our quirkiness and theirs.