Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hey Mister! Throw me something!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone,

My memories of Mardi Gras in New Orleans are very colorful and exciting. We'd line the streets of downtown awaiting the floats and musical residents strolling in a dance that only the jazzy Louisiana folk.

But this day takes on a different feel. Instead of the beads, doubloons (coins) or king cakes, I yell out, "Hey Mister, thank you!"

Mardi Gras will always be a wonderful festival of tradition. I know this is not the first one aster the devastation,  but as a native of New Orleans I want to thank all of you who helped and are still helping in the recovery of this nostalgic and one of a kind city. Our lives will not be the same without the cuisine and culture of New Orleans.

So we toast to you and the celebration of Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras). I am throwing you LOVE! Celebrate big, but be safe and responsible.


Jack Sage said...

What an awesome idea!

Kat Smith said...

thanks Jack ;-) have a wonderful day. I am just getting back to my life here while working on my doctorate