Friday, October 21, 2011

The Middle Aged Spread

Age is just a number. However, we seem to easily attach labels to the youth. Especially now, we accuse young men and women as being sexually free and dangerously careless with their bodies. Lack of self worth and respect are usually the culprit behind such behaviors.

But since age is just a number, I have noticed the same behavior in women my age. Promiscuity at any age is not safe for the mind, body or spirit. Allowing ourselves to give in to sexual pleasure with casual acquaintances is dangerous in many ways. Women, we are precious, yet many of us have devalued ourselves worst than the dollar. Who wants to invest in something that is not worth anything to its owner? Do you feel worthy of someone’s time and love? Then why allow yourself to be treated like a toilet? Spreading your legs for just any guy is damaging to your entire psyche.

Treating yourself as a gift means that you only share gifts with those you love and care for. Not everyone deserves a gift. You put thought, time and money into buying gifts so why not put the same dedication and pride in yourself? Give yourself the gift of YOU. Love yourself first and show others that you deserve true lasting love, not just a quickie.