Monday, June 6, 2011

Review of The Naked Author by Katherine Boyer

  • Title: The Naked Author
  • Author: Katherine “Kat” Smith
  • Publisher: TomKat Productions, LLC
  • Publisher's address: P O Box 701478
 Dallas, TX 75370-1478
  • 13-digit ISBN number: 978-09715024-4-4
  • List Price: $14.95
The Naked Author is a good ‘how-to’ book on self publishing with a little about general publishing for comparison sake.  Katherine Smith has crafted a well thought out book that covers self publishing from agents to marketing.  It contains just about everything an author needs as a guide through the maze of all of the intricacies of getting a book ready to be read by the hoards of avaricious readers clambering to be entertained or educated.  
The reader is given several choices about what to do in a given situation; for example, whether or not to hire an agent.  If you want to hire an agent to help you sell your book to a mainstream publisher, she suggests that it is a good idea, but if you don’t want to go with a mainstream publisher, you don’t necessarily need an agent.  
“Not only did I learn that building the foundation of a successful author and/or book starts with creating a marketing campaign or career plan, but it is more than safe to say that educating oneself on the mechanisms of the process is vital for a smooth journey to publishing success.”
All authors, self published or not should read this book and keep it for future reference.  They will pick up some tips for marketing and selling their books that probably have not occurred to them.  They will also be reminded of something they had not thought about in a while.
There is an extensive bibliography covering books, websites, and nationwide events.  The only reservation I have about this information is that with today’s technology, things change very quickly and having it in a book makes it difficult to update.  A cautionary statement about this would be of help to the authors and others using this book.  
Katherine Smith is a former talk show host turned author who has published domestically and internationally in magazines and newspapers.  She is the author of several books, including The Naked Author-Exposing the Myths of Publishing, and I’m Tall You’re Not So That Makes Us Even.  She is from New Orleans, Louisiana and now lives in Dallas, Texas where she is a publisher with TomKat Productions, LLC.
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