Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Journey with me

There are times when we are so wrapped up in our lives and what we are dealing with in the moment that we devalue our family, friends and others in our lives. When it is all about us, we cannot see that they have love for us and are concerned about our trials. We must remember that our loved ones are many times going through their challenges as life serves up heaping helpings to us all. We are not alone in our daily life tribulations.
I contemplate my childhood and there was a time when I blamed my mother and family for the my neglect at home. But I still remember the happy moments and those pivotal to my growth. I can appreciate the fact that although we all went through trying times together, love flowed from each of us. I was not alone. We traveled our journey together.
Our families and friends are not given a handbook on how to relate to us and our lives, neither are we. We, by trial and error, build our relationships through the experiences we share. We can only do our best and as we climb our own hills and walk through our own valleys. We gain strength to go forward and help those in our lives do the same.
We are all on various emotional, mentally or spiritually levels. Understanding that each person will experience life in a different way, in a different time and space, we can cope with the sometimes distant feelings and neglect and try to offer them what they need to get by. For they will do the same for you. Maybe not the person you are giving, to but another in your life will be there when you need them most.