Monday, February 7, 2011

A Valentine's Letter

As I contemplate the arrival of Valentine's Day, I thought showing your love for someone should not be reserved for only this holiday. It should be shown everyday and in simple ways. I hope you enjoy and ponder these words for those you love and show them often. 

Time to say I love you
With flowers, candy and gifts
A day set aside as a reminder to
Shower those you love and miss

Send a card that promise forever
A bouquet with scents to adores
Are fond tokens to lovers
Whose heart is his or hers

But each day love’s made clear
Shown in the smallest ways
The things you do are simple dear
Nevertheless it says

I love to care and comfort you
The meals we cook and share
The warm snuggles too
And how we are a pair

I appreciate your caring
In the everyday things you do
Reminds me to bring
Valentine’s Day to you

You wash the car and carry bags
Saving me the tussle
Rescuing the damsel from the rags
When cleaning is struggle

The opened doors and your saving graces
Don’t end by a monthly quota
You lovingly do these things with paces
Complaints, not one iota

So it’s time to let you know
Each day I love you more
For the many ways you let it show
Without keeping score
                by Kat Smith 2011

Happy Valentine's Day


Deb said...

Nice sentiment. Aptly put.
You're so right, love isn't a day or a planned gesture, it's every day actions that spring from the subconscious.