Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 Valentine's Day is upon us. Here's a cosy way to get close.

Here is what other couples think of INTIMATE4PLAY

I played your game with Laura on Saturday night after your reception and I LOVED IT! Honestly, I learned a lot about her that I never would have found out in regular conversation and I discovered that we really have a lot in common. We seem to have moved to the same place in our lives and I never
would have realized that if we hadn't played your game. Thanks! I may have a Valentine, after all.  Michael – Dallas

I just wanted to thank you for the game you sent me last week. It's a great idea, and I hope you're able to market and sell it well. I do think the box design is very tasteful and might override the risk of offending customers/retailers with the 4play name as we talked about. Katie - Colorado

I purchased your game and when my pregnant girlfriend complained about her boyfriend and how he didn’t seem to understand her anymore, I loaned it to her for an evening. She returned it the next day raving about how she really liked playing it. She said the game made her see how much he really does pay attention to her and that really says a lot about how much he loves her. Even though she felt fat, he made her feel beautiful. Nicole – Dallas

Just wanted to say that I bought your game for me and my husband and loved it so much that we purchased enough for gifts for my daughter’s entire wedding party. Thanks so much for creating such a fun and exciting game. Linda - Plano