Friday, May 28, 2010

Larger than Life

One of my FaceBook friends adapted a photo of me in a larger than life image. I laughed to think, really??? Do I need to seem any taller?  Most would answer that question with a resounding NO!!!

But as I thought about the image, I realized that if I don't see myself as confident and standing tall in my 6'2" frame, then who will?  I know there are many that look up to me and they strain their necks in the process. (lol) However, the study done by Timothy Judge at the University of Florida shows that Tall has its advantages. Many more advantages than not being able to find a lot of fashionable clothing, shoes in our size, ceilings that meet our grandeur, etc. I know that may sound shallow to you, but shopping is only one challenge for tall women. Finding a tall man that loves tall women is another. Most men feel a bit uncomfortable looking up to women. But that is their issue. Not all men will love us and there are enough women to go around; all shapes, sizes, colors and the sort.

In my eyes, there is nothing more discouraging than to see an Amazonian Goddess (woman over 5'9") and see her slump or seem insecure about her height. Stand tall goddesses. We are larger than life and have so much in our favor. You are a warrior, yet soft and feminine, lovable and damn sexy.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% my Amazon goddess sister! That picture is really fresh and you have no reason to think otherwise. Hold your head up high and always be true to yourself.


At not quite 5' 3" tall, I was SO happy to produce three children who are either tall or NOT short. My oldest daughter is a smidgen under 5' 10' and my youngest daughter is 5' 7". Son is 6'3".)

My mother was tall (for her generation) at 5' 7" - so I always envied tall people. Especially in business.

I've done research on the topic and if two people with equal qualifications interview for the job, the taller person usually gets it. I've also found that taller people have more of a physical presence because of their height and, being a woman, that's a huge advantage.

I guess, when it all comes out in the wash, we all wish we were different. We curly-headed gals wish we had straight hair and we shorties wish we were taller...