Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After the Storm

Sometimes we fail to understand the balance in all things. We would not know light if we have never experienced dark or be able to distinguish good from bad. As the earth transitions each day we experience life and its changes, challenges, laughter and love. With each change, whether be it in the skies or our interaction with others, we can experience storms.

These storms may be mild or cause destruction, but we all know that with each experience, there is the opportunity for growth. An opportunity to step back a reassess our dreams, desires and the direction we are headed. We can ask ourselves, what is it I am to learn from this?

When all is settled, we can look up and see the rainbow of a new day and new possibilities. Focus on what you want and not dread the things you do not. Don't block the abundance and blessing that is waiting for you by negative thoughts and actions. See your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow and remember that life is what YOU make it, so think happiness and peace into your life and watch for the rainbows after each storm.