Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tall and Tolerance

With the release of my latest book, I'm Tall You're Not, So that makes us even, I wanted to hear from other tall people out there about their experiences being tall.

I started a social network for tall women (although there are guys in the group)to reach out to the tall community for support and resources and maybe even a few laughs here and there.

I started a discussion. Join in or share this with your tall friends.

What are some of the best responses you've come up with when asked a Tall questions?

Tall people are asked on a daily basis:

How Tall are you?
Do You play basketball?
How's the weather up there?

What do you say in response to questions people ask and how do you feel about being asked these questions. Chris Rock has a part in his new release, Kill the Messenger that mentions the fact that people feel that it is okay for the to talk about tall people, but we can't talk about short people.

What is your take on how society sees the tolerance levels when it comes to tall people?


Gary said...

Hey, Kat
Glad you're still out there and you got "Tall" out into the public arena.

Go you!
Ex Falls-Bistro.

YvonneAJones said...

Hi Kat,

In the past when asked, "How's the weather up there?" I'd reply, "Beautiful! I wish you could enjoy it too." As I get older I just view it as ignorance on the person's part so I just stop at "Beautiful!" with a pleasant smile. The expression on many faces is usually enough to make me really laugh inside:)

jheri said...

Good luck - someone pointed this out to me.

I'm 190 cm, which is about 6'3", very thin and live mostly in Køvenhaven Denmark. I'm 25 now and am very comfortable with height. When people make comments I figure they are not used to me and may not know what to say, so I try to be pleasant and make a joke. One of my friends is much taller (200cm) and, when people make the usual comments about her height, she looks at her feet which are usually in running shoes or flipflops, then looks at them and says "oh - I'm not tall, its these shoes!"

KT. TallGirl said...


I don't know you but I am sure we share the same struggles in being a tall girl/woman. This looks like a fun book and I will be sure to check it out.

I am hoping the content is appropriate for the young tall girls that I mentor across the country.

I love the gift of height and spend a great deal of time talking about it to those young ladies who don't understand the value as of yet.

In reference to the "tall" comments given by those that are "short" a smile and a move onto the next thing, usually works for me.

Feel free to check out my blog.