Sunday, October 5, 2008

Five Myths of Book Publishing

Many writers are seeking options for getting published, but are unsure of what to expect with either traditional or independent publishing. So to spare you some embarrassment here are a few myths to clear up some of the confusion.

I. “I’ve written the book. The hard part is over.”
Writing a book is difficult and time consuming, but your work has just begun.
Book Marketing and self promotion is a job in itself. There are any valuable avenues to help promote you and your book, but you have to put in time or pay someone to do the work for you.

II. “The Agent/Publisher will make me/my book a success.”
You are responsible for your success. Both your agent and publisher benefit from your success, but overall, if you are not abreast of the industry, you are vulnerable to being open to scams. Know the business so you can keep everyone in check for what they are responsible for.

III. “The agent will teach me what I need to know about my contract.”
Agents negotiate contracts and monitor payments. It is their job to make sure you get the best deal. After all, they are paid a percentage of your negotiated amount. However, they do not teach you the ABC’s of contract negotiations. In order to make them accountable, research and understand the benefits of major points in a contract so that you can ask questions and make sure your agent understands what is important to you (Domestic or international rights, movie rights, length of contract, payment structure, etc).

IV. “The publisher will get the word out about my book.”
Publishers print and sell books. Don’t take it personal. It’s their business. Unless you are a celebrity, do not expect there to be any major marketing campaign for your book. You should plan that you will wear this hat as well. Create a strong marketing and promotions plan that will carry you into the next book and into speaking engagements. You are now an AUTHOR-ity. Take advantage of the title.

V. “I’m an author not a salesperson.”
We are all in sales. Either we promote someone or something else or we promote ourselves and our products. Ever been to a great restaurant or seen a great show and told someone about it? If they took your advice and tried whatever you sold them, then you are I sales. Apply that same passion to talking about you and your book and let the numbers add up.


Patricia said...

Hi Kat,

Found your recent blog interesting and valuable to hopeful authors. I would like to review your book for SPAWNews (circulation, 2,000). SPAWN is Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network. (

If willing, please let me know and I'll give you my mailing address.

Patricia Fry, President

Michael said...

Hi Kat,
You are so right about book marketing. It is a rude awakening especially for POD published authors. As an author and Internet marketer, I understand the challenges and even created a program called the Authorpreneur 2.0 program which helps authors to brand themselves as experts in a niche market associated with their book's theme.

Keep up the good work! :)

All the best,
V. Michael Santoro