Thursday, July 3, 2008

To all the writers of the world

This is a beautiful poem my dear friend Pari Danian wrote to inspire those who have the passion for the pen. She wanted me to share it with you.


“Write freely, write away the obstacles
If you must, write on the back of a gum wrap or a cigarette box
Write on the walls
Most importantly write on minds and spirits
Write with the clouds as your ink
Write with the trees as your pen
Write with your heart as paper
Write as though the angels are reading aloud
and the gods
are listening
Write as though mothers are reading to their children at nights
rock the cradle of their dreams
Write what you can “see” but cannot “say”
Write to right a wrong and fight the fire that fights fire
Write new theories and defy the conventional truth,
Write for the sake of the world and self discovery
Verbalize beauty and beautify the ugly
Write to sooth souls in mourning
reveal unused smiles and liberate laughter
excavate new passages from which your words can enter
the hearts and the minds of tired and the lonely
Write a concert of words dancing a story, perhaps your own
Write as though your words are a window of light at the end of a dark channel
Write Monday through Sunday!
Write with a purpose, write with you life.
May your commitment to the pen be eternal and your pen full of ink and your paper always decorated with your words”
©Pari Danian, 11 August 2006


Toni said...
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Toni said...

This is true and wonderful, thank you for sharing it with us.