Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taking Love Seriously

Ever wish there were legal agreements you could have your lover sign so that if you ever broke up they wouldn’t tell your friends or anyone your little secrets? Well wish no longer. TomKat Productions has just released, Legal Love Documents™, a fun way to get some laughs out of your friends and lover.
A hilarious set of four legal-like forms are adapted to reflect relationship characteristics. This is a great gag gift for both men and women.
  • The Lease-a-piece Agreement™ - For people who take their ass seriously. This document allows lovers to mutually agree on how their arrangement will be conducted.
  • The Girlfriend Non-Compete™ – Is sure to secure your BFF’s (best friend forever) just in case of a temptation of her eyes, hands or other body parts, straying onto your lover.
  • The Lovers Condition Disclosure™ – A safeguard to knowing exactly what you’re getting when hooking up. If the plumbing is bad in the house you’re buying, you’d wanna know, right?
  • The Relationship Non-Disclosure™ - Rest assured that your little fetishes or quirks will be kept secret with this one.
For entertainment purposes only, Legal Love Documents™ is bringing love, sex and romance into full disclosure.
$10.95 per set