Friday, August 10, 2012

Fifty Shades of Olympic Games

Have you notice the seductive views during the olympics? The crotch shots, butt angles and oh, those abs? (Not to mention Henrick's erection during the rowing team's medal ceremony)   It may all be innocent, but it I find it hilarious to watch the lane monitors (?) behind the runners trying desperately not to stare at the rear ends of the athletes as they loosen up and prepare to race.

Then there are the spectators who seems to get excited when the women on the sand volleyball court embrace.

The human body and all its flexibility and glory, is stimulating to look at and we can't help but get aroused by half naked, fit bodies showing off their physical abilities. Hot sweaty bodies, increased heart rates mixed with high doses of hormones and adrenaline equals an exotic cocktail.

Though their talents are to be admired, (Oh and how can I neglect to mention the female synchronized swimmers!!! ) we can all relate it to sex in some way. It makes one wonder if all the visual aids creates a call to take action: A fifty shades, Olympics style.

In researching the birth rates, according,  after the 2004 Olympics, there was a slight increase in the US newborns, but things seemed to have balanced out in the following game years. My guess is that the Summer games raises the heat in more ways than one. But let me not false start, 2012 has yet to show how the games arouse us.


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