Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping a Loving Connection

With all the stresses of work, home, family and LIFE, we can easily lose touch with those closest to us. Its the simple things that can help keep our connections loving, supportive and solid despite the challenges of everyday living.

On the go? Connect online. Send your sweetie a tweet. Send a private message or post on their FB page that you are thinking of them. Or send a sweet email reminding them of how much you love them. Drop in a link to your favorite love song or scene of a movie that says how you feel.

Not online? Try leaving little written messages that promise spending some quality time soon, via date night, a massage, quiet dinner or weekend escape.

Short on time? The next time you're at a convenience store refueling you or your automobile, grab a single flower or a sweet treat for them and leave for them at home or drop it by their place of business.

Text your sweetie a smile ;-)  just to let them know you are thinking of them.

Don't let life and all its challenges rob you of the joys of being in love. If you invest time and energy in your careers, hobbies and other activities, then do the same for your relationships. It will pay off in the end and the balance will help you stay happy and healthy.

"If you love me tell me so. If you tell me, Love Me So."  Walter Benton


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