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Interview with Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick

Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick are the hosts of Love Works, The Science of Relationships. Their book, “Single? How I found my perfect match in 90 days”, documents the actual process that Lisett used to discover herself and uncover Jim. The results and story of the process were so extraordinary that family and friends urged the couple to write a book and share the information. This launched the team’s career in relationship engineering, education, and entertainment.

Lisett and Jim are not only talking about relationships, they are a living example of the advice they offer. Unlike other relationship experts, Lisett and Jim are not only co-authors and co-hosts but also husband and wife. This allows them to see issues from both male and female perspectives, and provide personally tested solutions. Additionally, they are both engineers and seek the science behind the belief.

The authors have appeared as repeat guests on radio shows around the world in places such as Venezuela, London, New York, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City and Dallas. They conduct seminars internationally and are available for interactive conversation with audiences. Interviews and seminars may be conducted in English or Spanish.

Where are you from?
Lisett Guevara grew up in Valencia, Venezuela and Jim Gulnick spent his youth in New Jersey, USA. The couple met in Dallas, TX where their relationship philosophy blossomed.

What in your youth provided a foundation for love and love expression?
Our parents from both sides of our family remain married today. Each of us came from loving families but that did not prevent us from seeing and experiencing breakups in our own lives. Our foundation for love and love expression is a new faith brought together by our meeting and finally understanding the science behind the magic.

What is your definition of Love?
Love is simply removing the mental and physical barriers that prevent our spirits from meeting.  Love is when spirit, mind, and body are matched and moving in the same direction together. Love is a complete union of the spiritual and physical world. This is a deep connection where both souls feel at home without thinking.

What do you love?
We love sharing a message of hope and love. We love helping people discover who they are and in the process create an environment that allows them to find or create their perfect match.

What do you think draws you to the things that you love?
We have a mission that is etched into our being. When we uncover what we really want, we find what our mission is for us. Being drawn to the things we love becomes a natural expression of our inner being.  We believe that we attract what we are. So when your mind and emotions are clear, and your conscious and unconscious are congruent, then you are ready to be drawn to, and attract, another soul inline with your being.

How do you apply what you love to your everyday life?
We work daily on seminars, workshops, books, programs, radio shows, and consult with people and businesses to help them find their perfect match, develop rapport, and build relationships. Not only do we help find the perfect match but we also help heal those hearts that have lost their partner (or companies that have lost their direction). We help people (and companies) find themselves first before going out to meet people (or customers) with the same problems.

What is one of the most important key to healthy and loving relationships?
The most important key is transparent communication. When we remove mental and physical barriers to communication, and remove the ego from its control, we can connect with, and move in the same direction as others. You are able to recognize your codes in your mental programs and can also recognize the codes of the mental programs of your partner. This is when you will learn to accept that each partner has responsibility for 50% of the relationship. When you take responsibility for your own change is when you begin to develop healthy emotions.

What interests you? 
We have studied the law of attraction, NLP, success strategies, communication, and hundreds of programs for better communication.
Lisett has over 18 years of experience as a professor at both undergraduate and graduate levels, led and implemented educational projects about: teamwork, rules of negotiation, effective communication, ISO 9000 (International Standard Organization), and helped implement strategies to discover the effectiveness of people. Lisett has helped more than 200 companies and 1500 couples and individuals with their communication and relationships since 1998. She has helped many clients, past students, and customers to rebuild and strengthen their marriages, open up their communication, and learn to understand themselves and each other better.
Jim has more than 20 years’ experience in engineering, marketing, and sales psychology. He has a balanced approach to objective analysis and solution creation, and is well skilled in his ability to read people and their behavior. Together, our interests are in distilling a new unified philosophy of communication, relationships, and success.  
Lisett and Jim are not only co-authors and co-hosts but also husband and wife. This allows them to see issues from both male and female perspectives, and provide personally tested solutions. Additionally, they are both engineers and seek the science behind the belief.

What inspired you to do the work that you do?
Our relationship with each other is the source of our inspiration.  The story of our meeting, the process that led us to find each other, and the message of love and hope that we share inspires us every day.  Knowing that we can bring our new message supported between logic and spirit energizes us everyday.  We are motivated by the amazing gift of co-creation, which allows us to develop new ideas, theories, and techniques to solve emotional problems and to help people better relate in order to have a healthier, and more harmonic and passionate relationships.

How do you inspire others?
We lead by example. We develop our programs together and our loving relationship is easily felt in all we do. Whether we are consulting with a business or facilitating a workshop, our love and congruency are apparent.  

What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done or had done for you?
When expressing love by playing piano or guitar for my wife. When my inward emotions are not held back by fear.  When my wife looks into my eyes and says, “You see me.” The eyes are the passage to the soul. The micro-expressions are communicated at the speed of light. Two people connect without saying a word. Romance and love flow from within and become naturally expressed in all outward actions. My wife runs to the door when I come home with a smile on her face and a big hug. The day is romance, every moment connected and one.

What is one person, place or thing that inspires you?
Leonardo da Vinci, and his ability to consolidate and condense massive amounts of creativity into a single invention, inspires both of us.  In my husband, I find balance in his scientific mind and artistic creative soul.  My wife inspires me with her unending energy, positive movement, and the structure she applies to our endeavors.

Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick are authors, consultants, speakers, and the hosts of Love Works on They live in New Jersey and are the founders of:


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