Thursday, April 19, 2012

An Interview with Melody Brook Family Therapist

Melody is a Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. She is published in professional journals, magazines and on the web, and is the author of Cycles of the Heart; A way out of the egocentrism of everyday life, Oh WOW! This changes everything, and now, The Landmines to Goldmines Playbook. As an author, Speaker, Radio Show Host and Therapist Melody Brooke has helped individuals and couples for more than 20 years. She has discovered an amazing new way to keep romance alive across a lifetime, and wants to help you have the passion you want and deserve.

What is your main platform(business/service) for touching the lives of others?
I am an author and marriage and family therapist.
What in your youth provided a foundation for love and love expression? 
Actually, it was a LACK of love that resulted in my awareness of the need for it.  I felt totally unlovable, and could see the pain and lack of love in those around me.  As a result, my path was to discover what love is and how to help others express it in every area of their lives.
What is our definition of love? 
Love is the energy that binds us together, in essence, it’s God.  It is the spirit of joy, empowerment, and the entire reason for our existence here. What we are is love bound in human form. The more we unlock our blocks to love, the more fully human we become.  
What is the most romantic thing you have seen or done?
When my husband was about to turn 50 he told me he didn’t want to turn 50 without having become a small plane pilot.  I could see how important it was to him, and despite the financial condition we were in at the time, I told hime to go for it. The following weekend he was in a foul mood.  For an entire weekend he was biter, attacking, and fault-finding.  By the end of that Sunday, I grabbed his hand, pulled him into the bedroom and wrapped my arms around him saying “What in the world is going on with you?” He looked at me with bewilderment, “I don’t know”.  I looked him in the eyes and asked him if anyone had ever cared what he wanted enough in his past to want to give him something that mattered as much to him as being a pilot does.  He collapsed into tears. 
How do you apply what you love to your everyday life? 
Every one of us, no matter how we behave, is doing the best we can with what we have. AND, underneath whatever foul behavior we may have, we are pure love.  Holding that awareness in my heart all the time helps me to look at each person with compassion.
What is one of the most important key to healthy and loving relationships?
Never failing to recall who that person really is, no matter how foully they may behave from time to time.  Never failing to forget who we are and loving ourselves in the same fashion.
How can others implement tips from your (book/service) into their lives? 
The books and workbooks accomplish what spiritual teachers, psychologists and counselors have been attempting to do for a millennium. The shift that takes place in your awareness, literally changes how you see yourself and everyone else in the world.
What inspired you to do the work that you do?
At the age of 13, I read the bible.  I became aware that God is love and then, when I asked God what I was to do with my life, he answered. His answer? You are a minister of love.
How do you inspire others?
Being love in action every day, in every relationship.
What is one person, place or thing that inspires you?
My daughter Athena who is the mother of a deaf child born with Cerebral Palsy. 


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