Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are You Really Compatible? – Unlocking Clues to a GREAT Love Match

Sometimes life is not as idyllic as you once imagined—especially with regard to love. However, wouldn't it be GREAT if you could tell BEFORE you enter into a relationship if you are likely to have smooth sailing or extra challenges? Discover how to break the cycle of wounding love from someone who really knows the meaning AND how to overcome it. Cindy L. Herb, The Joyful Survivor, speaks and educates people about finding love and joy in life. Come join Cindy in an informative and entertaining talk about how to improve your love connection, by changing your thought processes and utilizing the very useful spiritual, scientifically based modality of numerology. In this presentation, you'll learn:
·         What is Numerology?
·         How Numerology Can Help with a Love Connection
·        I Love Him So I'm Changing My Name – Think Before You Act

What is your main platform (business/service) for touching the lives of others?

I have personal, first-hand experience of overcoming adversity, including the loss of love, a near-death experience, a childhood rape at age nine and living with many debilitating illnesses, including a rare immune deficiency disease. As The Joyful Survivor, I use a spiritual and non-judgmental approach to healing, offering tools that includes the spiritual modality of numbers, to assist others in overcoming life's adversities and find more joy. I have discovered that numerology can help others understand their unique God-given talents, opportunities and challenges. Besides being a speaker and coach, I am the author of the book, Awakening the Spirit: The Open Wide Like a Floozy Chronicles, which has been celebrity endorsed.

What in your youth provided a foundation for love and love expression?

Even though my childhood was not perfect and wrought with lots of pain, I still can look back with fond memories where others communicated love to me. I think the very first thing that provided a foundation for love and expression was feeling love from my sister, Mary, when I was only about 21 months old and still sleeping in a crib. On the particular day to which I am referring, I was separated by a large space from my immediate family and visiting relatives, who were gathered in the kitchen. The family was eating pie and having, what appeared to me, a grand old time. I began fussing because I wanted to join the fun and eat some of that pie. However, my mom, who may have been hoping that I would be quiet and go to sleep, kept strolling over to my crib and would take action to persuade me to lay down. She would take my bottle, insert it in my mouth and then lay me back down. As soon as she walked away, I would stand up again, crying. The most awesome thing that I remember about that incident was my sister, Mary, and her actions. She is only fourteen months older than I am, so she had to be not quite three years old at the time. Yet, she came up to the crib and comforted me. I can still see, hear and FEEL her as she looked through those cribs slats and stating, "What's the matter, Cindy?" She gave me love that day and it has stayed with me since then. Now, I feel compelled to help others who are suffering. I think the actions of my sister, unbeknownst to her, set up that foundation.

What is your definition of love?

Although all of us need physical love, love is more than that love shared between two people in this lifetime. It is a greater love—a love that transcends all time and space. True love connects ALL of us—it is a spiritual love of lending assistance, talents and skills to others. As far as the physical love in this life, it is finding the one person to share life experiences—finding someone who complements you and who gives assistance in helping you grow in a constructive way. Since there are so many people on the planet, it is often hard to connect with someone who is compatible to you. However, there are spiritual tools, such as numerology that can assist you in finding a GREAT love match. My definition of love includes offering such tools to others.

What is the most romantic thing you have seen or done?

It does not take much to be considered 'romantic' with me. Any expression of love will do. However, I would have to say that the most romantic thing that I have done or seen is share a meal and great conversation with my special person. It does not matter if the meal is prepared at home or at a restaurant. The bottom line is that communication gives me a rush. Communication between two people is the greatest expression of love to me because it is openly sharing, trusting, and exposing all with another. Communication is sharing love.

How do you apply what you love to your everyday life?

I love helping others in a constructive way. Since I live my life by the mandate, "We are all part of the whole and not separate," I would have to say that working at living a constructive life is the best application of this, since my actions can affect others. I help others in many ways, by motivational speaking, inspirational writing and helpful coaching. I also assist others using numerology so that they can understand just how special they are and best utilize their gifts from the spirit, including finding love.

What is one of the most important keys to healthy and loving relationships?

As stated in a previous answer, I find communication is very romantic. I think it is also the most important key to healthy and loving relationships. How can you truly understand another person's needs or challenge them to grow without good communication? How can you express love without good communication? You cannot. Moreover, I'm referring to all types of communication, not just verbal exchange. For instance, a loving glance across a room can convey as much power as a love letter.

How can others implement tips from your products and services into their lives?

All of my products and services are designed to help others lead a more constructive life—finding more love, joy and peace. Specifically, many of the tips that can be implemented are a result of you taking action because of your realization of certain thoughts and patterns. The numerology reports I offer can immediately affect people's lives, as they give instant access to understanding your purpose, gifts, personality traits, hidden motives, and overall expression. A Personality Profiles and Future Forecasts numerology report will communicate certain aspects in your life—what opportunities are available, of which one may take advantage, and any challenges that may need overcoming. A Relationship Compatibility numerology report shows the overriding themes of compatibility and incompatibility between two people—in case you are looking at a love connection. A Lucky Numbers numerology report will provide those numbers that are the most beneficial for you to use throughout your life to gain success. Maybe you are considering starting a new business or changing your name—an individual name advisor consultation can provide help in choosing names that send out the messages you wish to the universe. Finally, if someone is looking for inspiration on how to overcome pain in their life, he or she can read my book that Maria Shriver has endorsed, Awakening the Spirit: The Open Wide Like a Floozy Chronicles, or hear me speak. After reading my book, you can realize that guilt, shame and anger are a function of the mind and can be conquered with simple adjustments in thinking.

What inspired you to do the work that you do?

Although, I have always had a wish to assist others in finding joy, it was only after years of pain and illness that I had a radical transformation in thinking that has allowed me to actively work in the field of Mind Body Spirit healing. Several years ago, an angel guided me to seek out the assistance of a shaman. From that point on, I have been able to continue my journey through life with a constructive attitude, allowing me to engage in helping others, showing more love and living a life of joy.

How do you inspire others?

I think I inspire others with my words and actions. I practice living a constructive life and I always strive to encourage others, not diminish them. I am very spiritual. Hence, I treat others with respect and I do not judge. I share my ideas openly and give assistance to those who seek me out. In other words, I practice what I preach.

What is one person, place or thing that inspires you?

Although it is very hard to list just one person, place or thing that inspires me, I will say that one person who inspires me a GREAT deal is my best friend, Drusy. We have known each other for over 37 years and she has shown me more love than anyone else I have ever known. She accepts me for who I am and has never judged me. In fact, she has always supported me, no matter the circumstance. Yes, unconditional love inspires me and Drusy is the epitome of unconditional love—the love of spirit.

Cindy L. Herb, The Joyful Survivor, specializes in Mind Body Spirit healing and lives in Dallas, TX. Besides being a speaker, coach and numerologist, she is the author of the celebrity-endorsed book, Awakening the Spirit: The Open Wide Like a Floozy Chronicles. To find out more, please visit the author's websites at and


Carolina HeartStrings said...

I found myself pondering the answers to each of these questions for myself. A great exercise and would be fun to do alongside one's partner.

Kat Smith said...

Yes, the song Escape by Rupert Holmes (Pina colada song ;-) always makes me think when I listen to the lyrics. We sometimes miss the things we love or long for in those closest to us.