Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toxic Feeding

Ever eat something that made you sick and vow to never eat that again? Once I bit into a strawberry dipped in chocolate. The image was beautiful and decadent but the mouth watering desert turned into a grimace as the rotten fruit spoiled my attempt at ecstasy.

Bad habits can be our rotten fruit or tainted food. The more we feed them, the nastier and bigger they become over time.  When we neglect to shed our bad habits, they turn rotten and as soon as we go for the ecstasy, they make us hurl. 

Toxic feeding is like nurturing what is wrong in our lives and like any addiction, it takes over and needs more and more of our time, love, attention, money, etc.

Breaking that addiction to toxins in the form of habits can free us to be all that we desire to be and to attract the joy, love and abundance that we seek.

So go ahead! Purge that mouthful of bad habit and vow to never go there again.