Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Not Forget to Love

I have friends all over the country. I wonder at times that something happened to them, will there family know to contact me. When 911 happened, I tried to contact a few friends in New York City and failed to reach one who was so caught up in her own emotions that she did not think that I was concerned for her safety.

Once we connected, I was relieved to know she and her family were safe. I learned that we take for granted the time we have with each other. We should cherish the hours and days and remember to let the ones we know that we love them.

I leave you with this poem from my collection, Love the Vicious Cycle.

We sometimes forget to express love
For those close to us

We sometimes take for granted that
They will always be there

We sometimes neglect to see that
Their absence would leave empty hours

We sometimes miss the fact that without
Their smiles
 listening ears
And open arms

There would be a vacant spot in our hearts