Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ego Altered

There have been occasions when I wanted to get utterly toasted. This can be chalked up to a list of reason; hormones, sexual neglect, depression, PMS, loneliness, anger or just plain the desire to drink as much vodka as it takes to get me I the right state of mind.

My actions may have been influenced by the characteristics that drove me to drink, but can I really blame the vodka, wine or other drink for the woman who emerged. Did Katherine give birth to the Kat personality after her third martini or was Kat the ruling force that waited to take over when the inhibited or consciously mindful Katherine was subdued?
There are many facets of Katherine. She is exotic; Kat, Katarina, Katalina, Katrina. Although I didn’t always like my name, it wasn’t until my late friend James Baudoin enunciated my name so eloquently that I felt the regal and sophistication of the sound. The syllables rolled off his tongue with ease and elegance that made my grand stature firm and salute all that I stand for; strength, beauty and pride. I am an Amazonian Goddess.
Growing up a very shy child, I was one who hid underneath her mother’s dress to escape eyes that gazed upon me. That did not last long for I grew tall fast. After moving away from the bosom of my family I became the confident woman that was once shielded by the thoughts and actions of being raised Baptist in a Catholic influenced community.
Indulging in the decadent feeling of power when voicing my opinion, I grew even stronger and finally my personality fit my 6’2” frame. I am Athena and I dare not back down from any threat of challenge. 
Early in life I married a bar tender and gradually developed a taste for fermented beverages and the sweet mixes that enticed my tongue to loosen and speak the truth. The Italians had it right; Nel vino la verità (In wine, the truth.) I am no wino, but I love the fragrant, delicate flavors as it relieves the social binds that constrict my inner energy and allow the real me and my thoughts to pour freely from this vessel.
But really, can I blame the sauce for bringing down the veil that hides my alter ego? Oh, no. Like Superman to Lois Lane; Drink calls to Kat to magically appear to rescue and defend Katherine. The sauce simply spices up her entrance.
Cheers to the bold and uninhibited woman. The world is yours. Sip and seek truth.