Friday, October 14, 2011

Unhook From Your Drama

Sometimes we just want to be angry. We are emotional beings and will experience the full range of happiness to despondence. This is understood, but then there are those who get stuck on the negative side of the emotion-ometer. When does one finally figure out that drama is causing damage to lives? 

Drama is a component of ego. In order for the ego to continue to inhabit your life it has  to make sure it keeps up the daily crap that stir up the arguments, challenges, defensiveness, negativity and sick feelings of just not being happy.
When we notice that we are fueling the mess each day, we can step aside and allow it to pass us by. We must learn to unhook from our drama.One guy described it as likening drama to a U-haul trailer. You rent the trailer and when you are done with it, you unhook it and give it back to the owner. We can treat drama the same way. When you hear that voice in your head repeating crap to get you to react, then acknowledge that you are the listening party, not the one stirring it up. Stop listening and turn the voice off. Do not be a slave to that negativity from your past that is trying to keep a hold on you. If you allow that voice the power, it will sabotage any attempt at happiness.