Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Other White Meet

I love chocolate. In the literal meaning and in reference to a sexy black man. Now, my sweet tooth has delighted in various flavors of “chocolate from the mocha middle eastern man to the American white chocolate. But I suffice it to report that it seems where ever I have tasted these sweet indulgences in relationships, I find that all men have the same equipment; give or take a tragic loss of appendage or so.
The only difference is in size and color. Which in turn is the same deduction when it comes to women. And yes, sort of like a Twinkie, we all have the sweet pink inside, but give or take a cup size or depth, we all have the same equipment.

So now that we have addressed the sensual side, let’s really look at truly relating to each other. In any relationship, attraction is a major factor. For many, finances will run a very tough race for the top, but when people are sincerely seeking someone of substance, they look at their personality, caring and loving abilities. You want someone you not only get along with but have fun with and grow together.
If this is true, then any race, creed or color can be stripped out of the equation. Understanding that we have beliefs and cultural differences that may keep the mixture separate, but it has been proven that many cultures mix and live happily every after (give or take an challenge or two).
I say we look past the racial divide and allow love to come into our lives in whatever flavor it presents itself. Walk up to the candy counter and indulge in the exotic or the plain. Its a sweet choice.