Saturday, September 24, 2011

Love Versus Sex

Love is the foundation of our Universe. It is what we base our marriages, families, religons and patriotism. The feeling of love has been the focus of songs, books, movies. It has built cities and this country. We express our fondness for many people and things with the strength of the this emotion.
Sex, on the other hand, is a small component of love. The feelings we share when we love someone is expressed physically through sexual act, but that does not make it the full encompassing love.
Relationships seem to suffer from today’s beliefs and confusion between love and sex. Our openness to share ourselves freely has confounded us with the grandness of what love truly is. The short lived act of sex is fleeting. We roll over and fall asleep, but love endures. It lasts decades not minutes.
In love you build trust and companionship. In sex you create life. A blessing in the love that is being expressed. And still again, the love evolves as it branches off and splinters into parental love, romantic love, friendship, community, etc. It is greater than sex will ever be.
Placing more power in sex than in love builds a faulty foundation that will only last a few minutes a few nights a week. You deserve more than minutes. You deserve a lifetime of love.