Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Height Goddess Fashions for Tall Women

No more looking for fashions to show off those long legs. Height Goddess has the looks you want now.



Judy Serrano, author of Easter's Lilly and Brother Number Three said...

Thank you so much for your workshop on "How to Market Your Book and You." I learned so much. Even though I have a publisher, I still do a great deal of my own marketing. Since I am new to the industry, I had no idea where to begin. You gave me some really good ideas that I can use without the added expense of hiring an agent or a publicist. "No one loves your book more than you," you told us. You are absolutely right. I am so attached to my own characters in a very personal way. I have already implemented many of your ideas. I just wanted to tell you how important that workshop was to my career.


Judy Serrano
Author of Easter's Lilly and Brother Number Three