Saturday, January 29, 2011


As a public/media relations professional, I work with my clients to help promote a positive and visible image of the company’s services or products. The following services can be achieved through working internally within a company or along with a public relations firm that represent the organizations.

• Develop and implement media plans for all levels of coverage and seeks out reporters across all media channels to pitch story ideas that build and strengthen the company’s reputation and support the organizations strategic objectives.

• Coordinate and monitor message delivery through multiple communication pieces

• Market the organization to the general public through a range of public engagements. These may include public speeches, films about the company, exhibits at public events, and appearances at the events of other companies, among others.

• Proactively research and write communication pieces, interface with local publications to ensure a positive image and maintain list of company spokespersons and media calendar

• Provides support during crisis situations, including media screening, planning, materials development and serving as spokesperson

• Conducts media training sessions for administration and staff, to prepare media spokespeople for interviews and coach and direct others involved in media assignments

• Participates in meetings that provide opportunities for gathering intelligence that is relevant to the success of the media relations function and assists with media advocacy for legislative issues

• Track and evaluate media relations projects and develop regular reports

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