Monday, August 23, 2010

Eat, Pray, and live to Love, again

With Oprah's blessing upon the book, Elizabeth Gilbert's journey to self was a sensory delight. Not that you need my endorsement for either the book or film. but I enjoyed and was again inspired by her adventure. 

Eat Pray Love

The movie is a great representation of the book and offered delicious visuals into the perspectives of the other characters. Their depth were seen and felt with more... life. And Javier Bardem is quite the dessert.

I contemplate this story as I lay awake reliving a conversation with a friend who is suffering a broken heart. No matter the length of time invested, what can one possibly say to ease the pain? Nothing, really. In truth, her appetite has been interrupted by an emotional devastation that turns euphoria to purgatory.

Unfortunately, most of us have been there. Our senses are powerful and when engaged with such force, can send us into a vortex of misery. After such an emotional experience, we may doubt who we are and fail to learn lessons from those who cross our paths. 

With the senses engaged at the point of heartbreak, we question how can love be capable of such polar affects. We lose the desire to eat,  rejection is painfully processed through tears (and sometimes physical discomfort), the memories become distractions, and we pray to simply make it through the day.

Time is the cure. We go on to surround ourselves with those who love us, enjoy our hobbies and interests  and spend time alone gathering our thoughts and dreams that seems to have been shattered and make an attempt to create new ones. 

The pain is real and we will experience other emotions as we heal. And so I leave with you (and my friend) these words from my poetry collection, Love the Vicious Cycle:


From the time we met
Throughout the time of you and I
There was little time to create a love for you

Another time to pass
Is the time it takes
For me to
Get over you