Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Linked In Post - NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS by Ted Sturtz

NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS is adding reviewers after a period of consolidation. We aim to become the premier source—bar none—for professional, highly respected book reviews.

We are steadily adding qualified reviewers.

Currently 125 reviewers.
Our reviewers have written:
475+ traditionally published books
500+ published short stories and poems
24+ plays
12+ screenplays/teleplays
20,000 articles (our reviewers with long careers add substantially to these numbers)
3,700 reviews of books (about 500 for New York Journal of Books)
Our reviewers are also winners of more than 75 literary and professional awards.

Our presentations at the end of May at Book Expo America and more recently at ALA in Washington generated much excitement among publishers. We are increasingly quoted in publicity, including book covers. For example, we were one of three reviews quoted by Simon & Schuster in their advance publicity for the bestselling The Walk. We are migrating to publishing reviews at 12:01 A.M. on date of release so that we are the first review of any new book we critique.

The Journal aims to review both mainstream releases as well as many books in niche or non-mainstream genres and books by first-time authors than are infrequently covered by the current major review publications.

The current website is running as a beta. We are well into 700 hours of programming to build our permanent, unique, state-of-the-art website with extraordinary functionality to be filled with compelling content and an unparalleled on-line experience for readers selecting books. We expect to migrate to this site in September. Our technology architecture includes features new to the publishing industry. Upon completion of the website we will launch it with considerable fanfare.

Reviewers all set their own pace for submitting reviews and are never asked to review books they prefer not to read.

We do not anticipate any material profit until we are able to commercialize following planned September migration to permanent site. We believe that most writers are underpaid for their work. It is our sincere hope and plan that the success of the New York Journal of Books will become a material source of supplementary income for all reviewers.

Please email nyjb@nyjournalofbooks.com if interested. Please do not reply via LinkedIn.

Please also include all of the following:
• Specific information that establishes your credentials as a reviewer for one or more genres/topics, including your publisher and/or names of publications where we may see your writing, including, of course, any experience reviewing books.
• Genres/topics listed sequentially according to your preference (must tie to byline)
• Proposed byline (name plus brief credentials)
• A sample book review. We are pleased to review samples of your work delivered as an email attachment or via a link. Please indicate if you are a “self-published” author. (If you are invited to join our panel and your sample review has not been published elsewhere, we will likely professionally edit it and publish it.)
• Frequency of reviews (whatever is a very comfortable pace for you, we know circumstances may also change)
• Also please indicate whether you can read electronic books and which format(s), including pdf

Ted Sturtz, Editor-in-Chief
By Ted Sturtz, Editor-in-chief at NewYork Journal of Books