Monday, February 22, 2010

The Naked Author - How not to get seduced into a publishing scam

Are you ready to get your book in the hands of thousands of readers? Well, what is your first step? Get an agent? Do you submit directly to a publisher? What isthe difference between traditional and independent publishing? What is a vanity press? How do you solicit to either? What are some tips to working with a digital printer? what is the difference between an editor at a publishing house and someone who edits for grammar and structure? Do you know how to present your book topic for the most effective interview?

These are just a few questions that if go unanswered, can postpone your goal of becoming a successful published book author. Don't get seduced by the idea of publication and go into it blind. If you are not clear on who does what and where to begin from where you are presently you can stumble around naked without a clue to your vunlnerability.

The Naked Author - Exposing the Myths of Publishing is a handy desk reference for anyone who is seeking to take on the task of becoming a published author. Be it independent/self published of if your manuscript is accepted by a traditional publisher, you to educate yourself on who does what and where will you get the most help or direction from during your journey.

From career planing to book promoting, The Naked Author takes you through the steps of book publishing and promoting so you understand the industry, its responsibility to you; the author and your responsibility to your own success.

Ignorance is not bliss, but book sales can sure add a little sweetner to a writer's life.