Monday, October 12, 2009

Self Marketing - Where to Pitch Your Release

A great press release needs to stand out. You have only about 10 seconds to capture the busy, producer or editor with what you are selling, be it yourself, your book or your product.
Try to be timely with your topic. If you are developing yourself as an expert in an industry, then watch for news opportunities to promote your specialty to speak on something hot in the news and promote yourself at the same time.
Check the holidays, almanac and historical facts to bring attention by spotlighting and matching up your product or self with the celebrated event. Provide quotes, supporting facts and/or credentials in our release to show you have done your homework.
Remember to tailor the release to the audience, not the reporter, host or writer. You are targeting who you ultimately want to purchase your goods, service or contact you for business.
Here are the basics for writing a Press Release:
Writing the phrase "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" at the top left of the page is standard practice along with contact information of either yourself or the person who will receive the calls concerning booking you for a show even though releases are recommended written in third person. Place this information next; contact name, phone number, e-mail address, and website address.
Capture attention with a headline in bold text and centered on the page. This is a very important step. This is where you give them a clue of what you are promoting in a catchy, intriguing way. You want to get and keep their attention with the title of the release.
Next add the body of information, approximately 200-500 words to create one page. Start with the location the release is originated (Dallas, TX - October 12, 2009), then the first paragraph should give the most important facts and features along with the who, what, when, where and why. Remember the 10 seconds. Grab them with all the good stuff here.
Use the final paragraph for the last push to tell them what to do with this information. You want them to contact you or your representative to book you on the show or write a piece about your book, product or service.
Close your release, you can indicate the end by placing three pound signs (###) at the bottom of the page. Add a sort bio and plug your website by inserting a working link, upcoming events, links to newly released books, etc.
Check grammar and read aloud for clarity. Then you are ready to submit to the following sources.

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