Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Height of Humor and Style

Americans are getting taller and the weather UP here is
beautiful. Scientists have long studied and now proven that an
imposing physical stature is understood to have always been a plus.

As far back as 1948, height and our perceived reactions to tall individuals have been recorded. The perceived value or status attached to a thing or person’s size is greater than we understand. Height translates to power and strength. However, living the life of a Tall Woman comes with daily tests of this strength.

I’m Tall You’re Not – So That Makes us Even is a short book about Tall women and a GIANT dose of confidence (TomKat Production, LLC). Author and Amazonian Goddesses, Katherine “Kat” Smith takes a humorous look at the challenges and advantages of being a tall woman and her journey to 6’2”.

This book explores the daily life of a statuesque female in today’s society, while enlightening these grand beauties on just how envied they are. Smith delves into the science of being tall (ScienTALLogy), growing up tall, the art of dating a Amazonian Goddess and offers lots of resources to shopping for Tall Women.

Tall Girl Shop’s Addison location (5000 Beltline Road) will host Smith in a book signing from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday June 13, 2009.

“We seem to be in a perpetual Groundhog Day movie-like drama that unfolds with us answering the questions like; “How tall are you?” or “Do you play basketball?” about half a dozen times a day. Tall women work and play in all industries across the globe and we are proud of our first lady, Michelle Obama who is a striking 5’10 ¾”. I’ve laced the content of the book with lists of successful tall women. Inspiration moves deep within the souls of tall women, although it may have a long way to travel,” says Smith. “We may be able to pee and hold the stall door closed at the same time, but it’s important to note that we all have something designed by God that is unique to each us. This is what makes us even. I’m Tall, You’re Not emphasizes the strengths of Tall girls and women everywhere.”

Smith is a former syndicated radio morning show host with ABC Radio Networks, Inc., model, actor and the author of The Naked Author – Exposing the Myths of Publishing.