Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bundle of Joy

I remember hearing the term "bundle of joy" when a couple brought thier baby home from the hospital. What a sweet and innocent moment. Love was in the air and everyone fawned over the new little life. The family unit was in tact and everyone was inspired to being a good, well respected person. We took pride in our honesty and how we conducted ourselves in our personal and business affairs and we raised our children to resemble our beliefs and morals.

Since then, I have constantly paid accolades to parents. Those of you who have and raise children have to be commended for your bravery. Parenting for me has been a great form of birth control. You may think me selfish. I think misery loves company, for it seems that most people today are in no way reflective of the self loving and nurturing individuals we hoped they would be.

When I assess the investment of having a child; the bundles of laundry, bundles of groceries, bundle of care in general, I think -- What devotion! And what is the reciprocity for the love, time and attention? A bundle of stress! For many of you, joy had packed up left a long time ago.

Oh yes, we cling to those tender moments we share with children. Its a beautiful thing to bring a child into this world and watch them grow. But then there is the "Octo Mom" and the reality show of the parents with 18 kids. Are the kids of yesterday using thier offspring to get paid? Bringing home a bundle of cash? And what about the guys and girls who have a child only to brag about who is the "baby's daddy" or "baby's mama"?

Have we lost respect for life, the sanctity of love, marriage and childbirth. Is the bundle we seek part of the reason for the lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride we are experiencing today?

Just a thought ;-)