Sunday, January 4, 2009

Emancipated Again

Free at last, free at last! Keep hope alive! By any means necessary! These powerful words were spoken by powerful leaders that have stood firm on their beliefs. What do we believe in and stand for? What do we have to show for the efforts of those who fought for the right to be free? What is freedom to you and to today’s youth? It is no longer JUST about hate. It is about GREED, DENIAL, and CORRUPTION.

We, black people, were stolen away from our homelands and enslaved, forced to labor in this land of liberty; which from our sweat, blood and muscle, flourished and prospered. Where are we now? We are leaders. With the a new year upon us, will we choose to truly labor for ourselves? Will we only recognize our achievements by one month or each year instead of everyday?

Let freedom ring and sing glory to this land, now truly ours to be free. Yet each day not only blacks but many struggle with our own modern forms of slavery. Debts, drugs, crime, abuse and immoralities are a few of the more troubling areas of society, which enslave many today. What are you a slave to? Most of us are slaves to turning a blind eye, giving up and into society or just not standing for anything. Will this new year emancipate us again? Will we change our classification name to simply American? I realize changing a title or classification will not change history nor will it change the future. We must all stop allowing ourselves to be slaves to the pressures that society place in our paths. Most religions incorporate love in it's beliefs and that the Power that they worship is loving and caring, but many of us fail to resemble the examples that our profits, saints and saviors have given.

Emancipated Again
How many times must I be freed?
In my lifetime?
In the existence of a dark skinned human?

I Celebrated life rich with customs, beliefs and traditions
I Fought those who stole me away from my life and loved ones
I Ran when I was hunted like a rabid wolf

I Celebrated declaration of objectivity
I Fought for menial living allowances
I Ran from evils that lurked under white sheets

I Celebrated rights by law and constitution of this land
I Fought for equality – to be seen as human – with heart and soul
I Ran from the fear of what I represented – strength, endurance, pride, intelligence and royalty
Yet perceived as never good enough

I Celebrated knowledge and the ability to learn – To be educated without visual or legal barriers
I Fought invisible demons – segregation, separatism, supremacy and the devil himself
I Ran from the drugs and violence that adds salt to the wounds of society and breaks my slumber

I Celebrate life as an African-American – Rich with customs, beliefs and traditions blended with the freedoms that America promises. In English tongue I claim my existence here to be seen, heard and free to live as we continue to fight the destroyers of souls.
I Fight for peace and unity – Growth is inevitable in GOD’s plan. He has attended to the needs of this world

I Run from the corruption, immoral, indecent displays of everyday life that are embraced and accepted as FREEDOM

Poem by Kat Smith 1999