Monday, May 5, 2008

Author bares it all

12 March 12, 2008
The Naked Author – Exposing the Myths of Publishing, strips down and examines the responsibilities of everyone involved in bringing a book to market: the author, agents, editors, publishers, reviewers, distributors and wholesalers to name a few.
Smith puts valuable information right at your fingertips and helps you answer important questions:
Now that I have written my book, what’s next?
Do I have what it takes to set up an independent publishing company?
What are the key points in a book publishing contract?
Will the publisher make my book a best seller?
Who is responsible for my book’s success?
The Naked Author is a must-have, go-to reference for everyone who writes and seeks a successful career as an author. Learn tips on how to work with the media from a broadcast professional, manage your time by qualifying appearances and events, and how to protect yourself from publishing scams.
Whether you have just completed your manuscript, or are weighing the decision to query an agent for traditional publishing, or starting out as an independent publisher, The Naked Author will walk you through from career planning to the design and printing process, and ultimately to marketing yourself and your book.
Katherine Smith has a background in sales, marketing and running a small business, as well as presentation skills, which helped her through some demanding times in her career.
Practicing what is preached in her book and following the marketing/career plan, Smith has projects planned through the next three years. She has completed four screen plays and two novels and currently works on a humorous book on tall women, and book one of a series of children’s books.
She says: “I try to inspire others by my actions. I tell people to follow their bliss. Do what makes you happy—but do it intelligently if you plan to make it your livelihood.”